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Miami Lakes Lock Change Experts

How many keys are there to your Miami Lakes home? If you’re counting the one(s) you have along with the ones your spouse or roommates have then you need to add a few! Remember; the property manager or realtor once had a copy and still might have. Throw in the baby sitter, contractors, friends, delivery persons, neighbors, dog walkers and their friends and you can see that there are probably dozens of your house key floating around the community!

Here’s what you do. Give our Miami Lakes Locksmith shop a call and we’ll very conveniently change your home locks so that the old keys no longer work. Don’t worry; you can keep your same locks. Our licensed, bonded and insured residential technicians will just change the interior mechanism so that new keys are needed. The service is quick, affordable and it gives you added security and peace of mind. Miami Lakes Locksmith also offers:

Miami Lakes Locksmith can rekey locks on doors, windows, security gates, mailboxes, garage doors, cabinets, deadbolts and many more! Call us for free price quotes and for fast, convenient service!

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